Cartus' Trends In Global Relocation

Global Relocation Trends

Cartus’ 2016 Trends in Global Relocation: Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey—the seventh in our series of policy and practices surveys—elicited responses from 176 mobility managers around the world. This study is a continuation of our investigation into global mobility trends, related policy approaches, how and where companies are sending their transferring employees, the challenges they are facing, and the solutions they are employing.

Global Relocations by Industry, Size, and Assignee Profiles

The survey provides corporate relocation policy information from all major industry groups including manufacturing, technology, consumer goods, and finance.

International relocation volume move types include long- and short-term assignments, permanent one-way moves, extended business travelers, and various assignments.

Survey respondents are global mobility managers from all regions who are responsible for assignees of various ages, profiles, and different family statuses.

Global mobility managers answer these questions and more:

Policy Flexibility

How are companies managing flexibility in their global mobility programs?


What are companies doing about compliance risk?


How are companies approaching cost containment?

Regional Differences

Should regional differences impact how you manage your mobility policy and practices?

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